Apply for the 2015 Book Cliff Climate Justice Action Camp


Peaceful Uprising is very excited to announce the 2015 Book Cliffs Climate Justice Action Camp. It will take place from August 1 to August 10 in the eastern part of so-called Utah at Swasey’s Beach on the banks of the Green River. Join us for eight days of workshops, presentations, planning, and fun as we work together to protect the beautiful wild lands of this region from the expansion of the first commercial tar sands mine in the US.

We will gather in Salt Lake City on August 1. That evening, we will attend a benefit concert for Justice for Corey Kanosh. Corey was a member of the Kanosh band of the Paiute nation who was murdered by Millard County Police in 2012. Support this great event and stand up against settler/police violence. This action camp is rooted in climate justice, which honors the intersections between struggles for land defense and social justice.
Corey Kanosh Benefit Show:

On August 2 we will travel to Swasey’s Beach on the banks of the Green River. The week will include workshops on climate justice, intersectionality and decolonization, nonviolent direct action, blockading, legal support, media, action/street medic, anti-oppression, art, climbing and more. We will have ample time to swim in the river, have fun and connect with friends new and old.

If you’re interested in participating please fill this online app by Wednesday, July 15th:

We are also seeking folks with food service experience for large numbers to work in the kitchen. Travel expenses for kitchen staff would be covered and a small stipend would be provided. If you have appropriate experience, and you’re interested in providing fresh healthy food for our camp, please fill out this online app by Wednesday, July 15th

As we all gather together, we acknowledge that there can be no safe spaces in a settler colonial state on stolen land. The Book Cliffs, the land being mined for tar sands, is stolen Ute land. Those of us who are settlers living on this land want to be accountable for our presence here. The purpose of this camp is to participate in the work being done to protect the land while creating accountable spaces where we can challenge the normalization of white supremacy and settler colonialism. So, no cultural appropriation, homophobia, sexism, racism, classism, ableism, transphobia, ageism, speciesism, or settler colonial attitudes will be tolerated.

Please read these articles to prepare for coming to camp:

”Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?”from Unsettling America

“Heteropatriarchy and the 3 Pillars of White Supremacy” by Andrea Smith

“Cisseexism and Cis Privilege Revisited – Part 1: Who Exactly Does ‘Cis’ Refer To?” by Julia Serano

“Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex” by Klee Benally

Tar Sands: Why We Fight