Flora Lee Bernard

Flora Lee Bernard, Scrivener


I’m a writer, a musician and activist, and I have worked with Peaceful Uprising since February of 2009. I am an infovore who has always been involved in politics, but I never considered myself an “activist” until I started following the climate movement.

The more I learn about the cause, the more committed I am to PeaceUp, and I have had the privilege of watching the group persevere, develop, and blossom into an extremely successful climate action organization with countless allies and supporters.

I’m involved with many social justice, equality, and health care issues, but none of them provides the same degree of inspiration, empowerment, and joy that I find with Peaceful Uprising.

My spare time doesn’t exist, but I pretend it does: I’m in a local band called La Farsa; I volunteer as a host at my community radio station, KRCL; and I write literary nonfiction, fiction, and performance poetry, usually riddled with gratuitous semicolons.