Julianne Waters


I am an activist living in the redrock country of Moab Utah. I am the mother of 5 young adults and the Nana to 5 young people. They are the driving force to the passion that fuels my activism.

My association with Peaceful Uprising began before the group was formed. I was at the BLM auction, as a protester, when Tim DeChristopher chose to take a stand and risk his own freedom to stop certain destruction on thousands of pristine acres. We met the day after the auction and 2 weeks later, we launched Peaceful Uprising, knowing that there are others out there who need a place to use their voice regarding the threats to a livable future for our planet and ourselves.

It has been an amazing and fast 2 years and PeaceUp has grown to a new level, supporting those who are unwilling to simply stand by and watch the senseless destruction of our planet. We are working to make this a better world. Join Us!