And ACTION! Uniting to “welcome” ALEC to SLC

NEW: Action of Solidarity with Tim DeChristopher & Other Political Prisoners. Click here for details.

Climate justice work implies tackling the root causes of climate change, of highlighting the intersections between environmental degradation and our system’s economic, social and racial inequities. In an effort to create a community that is both Resilient and Resistance, we’ve launched a model of quarterly
community audits — in which we complement efforts to combat INJUSTICE with those of supporting sources of HOPE in our community.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a tool for corporations to pay thousands of dollars for access to thousands of legislators, thereby developing profitable legislation. They write laws to fill up our prison as well as privatize these overcrowded jails. In Utah ALEC has passed resolutions that oppose mitigating climate change and voter ID laws that suppress voter turnout (read more at
[note color=”#FFDD99″]ALEC stands for Climate Injustice, historically making it profitable bill after bill  after bill— and IT IS UP TO US TO STOP THEM.[/note]

Hence, for our Summer Community Audit,  Peaceful Uprising has designated this ALEC conference as our HOT SPOT (a source of injustice we’re protesting). ALEC is holding one of its annual conferences in Salt Lake from July 23rd to July 28th, and we are working with a wide coalition to give these colluding corporations and politicians a real people-powered ‘welcome’.
[note color=”#99FFBB”]
JOIN US this July in ‘welcoming’ ALEC, who have tried to deter activists with bill after bill. JOIN US to show that this Wasatch Community of Resilient Resistance is strong. ALEC will be at the Grand America Hotel, and so will we.
PeaceUp will be hosting a kick-off ‘poverty dinner’ on Monday the 23rd and will be spearheading activities on Thursday July 26th. We are coming together, exactly one year to the day that Tim was hauled off to prison. At the time, the prosecution was shamelessly clear about demanding a harsh prison sentence in order to deter and intimidate activists. Well, we have still not been deterred and we will not back down.
[note color=”#CCEEFF”]We’ll have a puppet show at 11 am, a theatre of the oppressed workshop at noon leading us to an action at 3pm to commemorate Tim’s sentencing & all political prisoners, as well as an anti-ALEC choir performance at 8:30 pm.[/note]

These events are only a part of a week of action, organized by the ALEC Welcoming Committee. See their calendar for more details.

As the COOL SPOT (source of hope we are supporting) in our Summer Community Audit, we have chosen Move to Amend Salt Lake.  Move to Amend Salt Lake also figures into the exciting events of Thursday the 26th.  MTA-SLC is arguing their case in front of the Utah Supreme Court to overcome legal hurdles to having their citizens’ initiative appear on the November ballot.  This is another fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of people to improve our democracy.  The public is welcome to sit in the Supreme Court Chamber in the Matheson Courthouse between 400 and 500 South on State Street.  Folks will begin gathering there at 10:30 AM on Thursday for the 11 AM hearing.  Then folks can join the ALEC protesters across the street at Washington Square Park.

Here, again, is a run-down of the excitement:

  • Monday July 23rd: Parade of the Empty Plates (poverty dinner)
  • Wednesday July 25th: Evening Protest
  • Thursday July 26th: PeaceUp events (above), 10am Press Conference (Alliance for a Better Utah), 10:30 AM Supreme Court hearing for Move to Amend.
  • Friday June 27th: Solidarity Across Borders: A Celebration of Migrant & Workers’ Rights (organized by Salt Lake Dream Team)

You can find a comprehensive write-up about ALEC’s visit in Salt Lake City Weekly.  Help us spread the word by sharing this call to action and connecting us to other movers and shakers who’d be interested in our events.


Leading up to this week of  action, we will also be hosting a two-day Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) training.

Saturday (SLC Public Library, Level 4 Meeting Room):

radical training history,
commitment to non-violence,
context for direct action,
how we define and harness power.

Sunday (NorthEast corner of Liberty Park):

more practical,
hands-on skills,
de-escalation techniques,
affinity groups and decision-making,
and much more!