Climate Movement Rallies to Support Peaceful Uprising After the Theft of their Funds

Word spreads fast in the climate community, and as word has gotten out about the theft of Peaceful Uprising’s funds, people across the country have stepped up to help.

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The National Media is telling the story of just how all of this happened and the activists at Peaceful Uprising spirits have been boosted by the heartfelt letters and comments they are receiving. Here is just a brief list of news outlets covering the story.

All of those modest donations from across the world are starting to add up and Peaceful Uprising would like to thank you that have donated and remind you to ask your friends to help us out as well. 

Peaceful Uprising is relatively new on the scene but this small ragtag group of non-violent activists is already a key player in the climate movement. They were co-founded by venerated activist Tim DeChristopher in 2009 shortly after his action at a BLM lease sale for which he is currently serving two years in Federal Prison. Peace Up is well known for their colorful and creative approach to non-violent civil disobedience and has been a refreshing addition to the discourse as they pushed for powerful non-violent direct actions.

PeaceUp speaking with the audience last spring at the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, CO. This was after a moving preview of scenes from Bidder 70, the film about Tim & PeaceUp which premiers this year.

In the coming months Peaceful Uprising has BIG plans. Just because we are out some money doesn’t mean we are packing it in. We have a planet to save! Here is a brief peek at what we are up to….

Please take care of Peaceful Uprising as they continue to take care of this planet and work for a livable future.

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