Please Give Generously–Our Collective Future Depends On It

Dear Friends,

An all-women affinity group shuts down construction June 2014.

An all-women affinity group shuts down construction June 2014.

Victories are not the only reason we do resistance work—but they sure are great!

We have to stay focused, but soon we may finish this fight against the first tar sands mine in the US. Our hearts are primed for serious, tangible victory, and we invite you to join us in that special place of real hope and tremendous power.

And that’s because of you! You’ve been a key supporter of this fearless and righteous work to save the planet. We are certainly going to keep up the fight in the field, but we need help from generous people like you to keep our campfires burning.

With your support last year, Peaceful Uprising’s Climate Justice Bold School moved to the front lines of climate justice. Campaign Field School, a mobile wilderness camp based close to the tar sands mine, trained hundreds of activists from across the Americas in creative direct action, catalyzing a persistent barrage of work disruptions and creative protest actions.

The first action of the year, orchestrated by five women, successfully shut down work at the site, inspiring us all to refuse to settle for symbolic statements of our displeasure but instead to take a risk to create the world we need now—one in which construction of this mine has stopped. Our last big event was a music festival at Fort Duchesne on the Uintah and Ouray Ute Indian Reservation, where our alliances are growing stronger.

Maintaining a wilderness school for six months of the year and hosting a major music event requires tremendous teamwork and resources. Action against the mine and other targets resulted in 26 people arrested and jailed. All but one of those cases is still being adjudicated in Uintah County, Utah, and the personal sacrifieces those people have made is already substantial. We need your help to ensure these brave people are taken care of, and to help build the courage inside more people to join us.

US Oil Sands’ investor confidence is cracking, but we must remember the polar ice sheets are cracking, too. Even while our success is growing in our backyard, global warming is raging more out of control than ever, and people who are already poor and marginalized are suffering the most–such as the First Nations people of the Athabasca region.

Climate Justice Is Survival: Now or NeverWe must keep building this movement and stopping every energy project that threatens life on this planet.

Peaceful Uprising is a Utah nonprofit organization operating under section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code. Please give generously. Our collective future depends on it.


Peaceful Uprising

You can support our efforts:

$50 – Supports Climate Justice Bold School participants with a warm meal during a day of training
$100 – Supports travel expenses for one volunteer to visit and assist our wilderness Campaign Field School
$200 – Supports travel for a Peace- ful Uprising trainer to share our training with other communities

Mail donations to: PO Box 521011 Salt Lake City, UT 84152-1011

Peaceful Uprising is a Utah non-profit organization operating under section 501(c)3 of the IRS code.