Dylan Rose Schneider

Volunteer Coordinator
When I was little, I would save half of my allowance every week until I reached $15 (which in allowance world is huge) and then I would send it off to my chosen non-profit group: Mission Wolf, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, etc.  As I grew older, my allowance savings turned to volunteering and eventually interning local and overseas organizations that promoted Human Rights and Education including acting as High Road for Human Rights Chapter Coordinator in 2008.
My entire life I have sought ways to be involved in the creation of a better world, certainly the Utopian world I imagined when I was young has been replaced with the distinct threads of reality, but I have never lost my optimism that we can change our circumstances by being engaged in,  and conscious of, the world around us.
I’ve been involved in Peaceful Uprising for 2 years and have never found an organization that is composed of and run by such committed, astounding people.  They have become not only my second family, but my tribe.   I am honored to have found my place in such an exquisite essence of what I believe is the best of the human experience.
When I am not being an activist I am looking at the field of Comparative Literature and learning Italian.  When everything becomes too loud, I dance to find myself and then I write because sometimes words are the only things that make sense.  I have an affinity for all things Latin and continue to find myself traveling south, each time coming a bit closer to finding my latitude.  I am also deathly afraid of chickens.