Henia Belalia

National Organizer

Being born amidst two very distinct cultures, I became aware at an early age of racial and socioeconomic segregation – and with that came a deep sense of injustice and desire to confront it. After watching a production of Les Miserables, I turned to theatre as a means to awaken and challenge my community to take on relevant sociopolitical conflicts. Experimental theatre allowed me to play with different arts forms, while breaking from traditional conventions. But I found the process I had uncovered to be too cathartic – one that didn’t move participants from awareness into action.

For two years, I worked for Greenpeace in San Francisco, which was to be my introduction to the world of activism. Along that ride, I was introduced to Peaceful Uprising and was immediately moved by its uncompromising stance and rhetoric. It wasn’t long before I became enamoured with this welcoming and generous community — and decided to move to Utah.

Learning from past social movements, I’ve come to realize that the time is for taking action that is proportional to the climate catastrophe we face. As individuals, we should be empowered to become effective agents of change in our own communities. Armed with the weapon love, we will not stop seeking a society that — as Martin Luther King, Jr. once called for — can live at peace with its conscience through peaceful sustained resistance.