How “Big Green” is Failing the Climate Movement, and why Direct Action is the Answer

Peaceful Uprising at the Capitol Climate Action

Peaceful Uprising at the Capitol Climate Action - Using Direct Action to Shut Down Congress's Coal-Fired Power Plant

We pulled some of the best excerpts from a fantastic interview of columnist Johann Hari on Democracy Now! Johann explains how corporate funding from some of the world’s largest polluters has corrupted many of the largest environmental organizations from the inside out, including Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and even the Sierra Club. This has manifested itself in a multitude of non-solutions being proposed as the only “politically feasible” ways of addressing the climate crisis. While the science clearly calls for a 40% cut in emissions from 1990 levels by 2040, many of these organizations are lobbying for woefully inadequate cuts of less than 10%.

Johann argues that instead of relying on corrupt governments and corporations to solve the climate crisis, the people must take the matter into their own hands and demand change through direct action. For example, he explains how the UK’s Climate Camp has united people to put themselves on the line and directly block the construction of new coal power plants and airports, and have successfully shown how the power of the people can drastically change the definition of what is “politically feasible.”

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