Help Us Take This Work to the Next Level.

We are at a point in our work that maybe you’ve experienced also. We have several great plans underway that are all coming together beyond our expectations, but as a result, our plans have now grown bigger than us.

We’ve achieved a lot already, but we can achieve so much more with strategies already underway — if you join with us.

Stopping tar sands mining with indigenous allies at PR Spring.

Stopping tar sands mining with indigenous allies at PR Spring.

We’re soaring ahead with collaborative NVDA trainings with Lakota warriors on Pine Ridge Reservation and other indigenous communities, we’re connecting with neighborhoods closest to North Salt Lake’s refineries, and we’re sharing skills and analysis at the Climate Justice Bold School. These are all tremendously important aspects of our work, but to broaden their reach—and to ultimately win the fight to stop tar sands and further the cause of climate justice — we need more involvement from our larger beloved community.

So, we recently posted a slew of volunteer positions that we’re looking to fill as soon as possible. If you’ve been wondering how you can help — how you can use your personal talents and interests in your work with PeaceUp — this list will give you several concrete ideas. From Art Specialist and Bold School Publicist to Community Events Coordinator and Welcome Wagon Team, we want you to help us, and you can be most effective if you get involved now.

Volunteer MemeSetting aside a major part of your life to fight for climate justice is rewarding and fulfilling, and many of the volunteer positions we’re trying to fill could take substantial volunteer time. But we also recognize that surviving the awful system we live in is hard, so not everyone can contribute huge amounts of time.

So, if you want to help in big ways that don’t take a lot of time, we have two neighborhood canvasses coming up on Tuesday, September 17 and Tuesday, September 24. We’ll be inviting folks out to a tar sands and climate justice presentation that will be held September 30. If you can spare even an hour, please come out for a canvass and knock on a few neighbors’ doors, or join us for the presentation. You may change another person’s life, and thus change the world.veryone can contribute huge amounts of time.

If you want to do an internship with us, you can get university credit for it, and we can tailor the experience to your interests and needs. Want to focus on video or other media projects? Co-coordinate outreach efforts in frontline communities? Facilitate workshops for the Peaceful Uprising Climate Justice Bold School? Or have another idea in mind? We want to talk with you.

We at Peaceful Uprising are working incredibly hard to promote climate justice and build a livable future for all. We’re working to organize with the communities most affected by the refining happening in North Salt Lake, and to build alliances with marginalized communities throughout the region. With our Climate Justice Bold School, we’re working to deepen our broader community’s analysis of climate justice and to bring that analysis into our work. As we move forward in our campaign to stop tar sands mining and refining in the U.S., we continue to serve as a resource for local and regional communities in building skills and knowledge.

But those of us who are already deeply involved are not a movement alone. We can’t accomplish our goals alone, no matter how dedicated we are.

Climate justice principles lead us to work with people from the most marginalized communities. Those who are the most polluted are usually also the same people who are also the poorest, least healthy, and most marginalized. We’re reaching out to all people — those who have great wealth and privilege, as well as those who don’t — because we realize that our liberation is twisted and tied up with the people with the least amount of power. To win, we need to join justice seekers from all communities in a collective effort toward justice and liberation.

So join us, justice seeker. It’s a critical moment in our work, and it just might be a critical moment in your life.