Like a Wildflower

Cross-posted from Realizing the Future:

There’s a lot happening right now. In the United States, relentless wildfires have been blazing out west and record heat waves have scorched the country. Our friend Tim DeChristopher’s two-year sentence nears the one-year mark. Alberta’s tar sands oil has been gushing out of pipelines into rivers and the fracking boom continues to explode. The climate crisis and the tragedies caused by the extraction and burning of fossil fuels are becoming more and more real, to more and more people with every passing day.

And at the same time the climate movement is rising up like a wildflower shooting through pavement, reaching for the sun.

A Summer of Solidarity is on tap with actions happening all over the country, including sustained non-violent direct actions planned in West Virginia, Texas and Montana. With a great sense of solidarity throughout the movement we’ll be taking on mountain top removal coal mining, the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, coal export mining and much much more.

As we look forward, I thought it might inspire folks to take a few minutes to look back. From Tim DeChristopher’s speech on the courthouse steps after his conviction to the 1,253 arrests during the Tar Sands Action, 2011 was electrifying. And while we won only a very temporary victory when President Obama denied TransCanada’s permit to build Keystone XL in its entirety, the campaign did demonstrate the power we hold when we act as one.

Together, in the weeks and months ahead lets keep on making a noise that’s ever bigger and bolder and more beautiful!

Here’s #NOKXL: