Save the Date: UTAH TAR SANDS ACTION CAMP, July 21-28th.

This summer, activists against extreme extraction will come together from across the country to stop the first tar sands mine in the US! The Canadian petroleum corporation US Oil Sands, Inc is targeting the remote state lands of eastern Utah to be the first tar sands project in the US.  Because political and regulatory objections are diminished in Utah, this project at PR Springs now has the green-light from the state to begin commercial operations. If companies like US Oil Sands can prove that these types of dirty extraction operations are economically viable in Utah, then more tar sands and oil shale projects will spring up across the region. The legal efforts to stop this project have failed us. It is now time for people to come together and say NO Tar Sands in the US, NO Tar Sands anywhere!

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Stop the 1st Tar Sands Mine in the US!

Utah Tar Sands Action Camp July 21st-28th Green River, Utah

Camp Organized by Before It Starts, Canyon Country Rising Tide, First Unitarian Church SLC, Peaceful Uprising, and more.

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Canadian company US Oil Sands has received approval for this unprecedented mining project in Utah. Tar sands extraction means ‘game over’ for the planet, so the people are fighting back. Local grassroots are mobilizing with love for the land and for the Colorado, the nation’s most endangered river, on which more than 36 million people rely. Take a stand to stop this extreme energy extraction from polluting our rivers and condemning our future.

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