Tim DeChristopher’s Book Group

Tim DeChristopher’s Book Group


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
Margaret Fuller

Each month, Tim will be choosing a book that he is reading in prison that he’d like to share with the world!

Come here to find out what book is next and to be part of the discussion as we continue to find solutions to creating a just and healthy world through old and new wisdom.

We’ll start off each month with a “book review” from Tim, and then add your comments!  Tim will be sent the comments so he can add in thoughts as the discussion progresses.

Tim’s one request: “I have a lot of time to read, but if you have the choice to read about action or take it – ACT!”



  • Tim’s Book Choice for March 2012 US app“The United States of Appalachia”   - Jeff Biggers   **Coming in March 2012 – start off our discussion on this important book with Tim!
  • Tim’s Book Choice for February 2012 the-value-of-nothingTim’s Book Choice for February 2012  “The Value of Nothing” – Raj Patel Of all the books on economics that I have read, "The Value of Nothing" by Raj Patel probably comes the closest to representing my own views. Patel focuses on the failure of market prices to reflect actual human values as a central problem of our economic system. The ...
  • Tim’s Book Choice for January 2012 MartinLuther“The Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr: The boundaries of Law, Politics and Religion” – By Lewis Baldwin
  • Tim’s Book Choice for December 2011 heinberg **January 2011 Book Pick – “The Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr” by Lewis Baldwin “The End of Growth” Richard Heinberg The End of Growth is an honest look at our whole economy, which means it is not an encouraging book.  Compared to Heinberg’s other work, this one spends less time on resource and environmental limits while focusing ...
  • Tim’s Book choice for November 2011 mandelaNovember 2011 – “Long Walk to Freedom” – Nelson Mandela
  • Tim’s Book choice for October 2011 murderOctober 2011 – “Murder City: Ciudad Juarez And The Global Economy’s New Killing Fields” – Charles Bowden
  • Tim’s Book choice for September 2011 honor codeSeptember 2011 – “The Honor Code: How moral Revolutions Happen” – Kwame Anthony Appiah