Tweets from a California Prison.

Tim was never a huge fan of Twitter, preferring “real life” activism, but he agreed it would be nice to stay in contact with folks while on the inside.

Here’s how it will work:

Tweet, and include either @DeChristopher or @Ash_Anderson, plus #ToTim.  Ash will then write down the #ToTim tweets and send them to Tim in a letter, and Tim will write and mail a reply, which will be sent out from Tim @DeChristopher’s account by Ash.

If you include a link, remember that he can’t check them, but Ash can if you want to include reference.

To send a real letter to Tim, see our FAQ page for the latest on instructions.

To make this conversation part of a searchable ongoing conversation, consider including #Bidder70 as well.

This is experimental. We’ll see how it goes. Tim is nervous because he used to hack into Ash’s account and tweet things on his behalf. Ash told him there could be a temporary truce.

Be sure to follow @Peace_UP_ as well.