Update: Plan for National Solidarity Actions on June 23rd

The sentencing was delayed by Judge Benson to derail national solidarity events. Of course, large rallies on June 23rd don’t make much sense now–we’ll do that on the day he is actually sentenced. Instead, we’re calling for a far simpler–but just as important–action that will prove that we will be there, and that our resolve is unshakable.

[UPDATE: As of June 21, over 40 communities in every Circuit Court District in the United States have organized solidarity actions.]

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To take part, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill out this form and we’ll rush you a streamer in the mail. You can also email it to info@peacefuluprising.org. The deadline for requesting streamers is past. However, you are still encouraged to register an event with us. Making a streamer only takes some orange fabric and paint or a marker!
  2. On the morning of June 23rd, drop by the Federal Courthouse in your area, take a photo, and email it to us. Find your Courthouse
  • The image will be of a caution-tape-like streamer in front of the federal courthouse.
  • They will be the same color of orange we used for sashes during the trial. Painted on them, will be a design like this: / / /JUSTICE RESTORATION IN PROGRESS / / /TIM DECHRISTOPHER SOLIDARITY / / / PEACEFULUPRISING.ORG/CLIMATE-TRIAL / / /  REPEAT
  • Take the photo from a public space. Make sure the image is framed so that the streamer is readable about 2/3rds of the way down the photo, with the courthouse in the background, and email them to info@peacefuluprising.org. We’ll stitch them together into a collage that will be projected onto an outdoor screen near the Courthouse in SLC.

Use this form to register an action.

Make sure to create a Facebook event like this for your action and we’ll feature it on our page!

For a deeper analysis and talking points for your rally, read The Revolution Will Not Be Rescheduled.