Watch and support the Occupation of Wall Street

The Uprising grows. And any power gained by The People in the coming months will be equal to their determination to meet potential State violence with joy and resolve.  If authorities do use violence, it will be for the purpose of inciting retaliation. Because the real battle is not really over power, but over legitimacy. If  We The People allow violence to define our battle, they will win. If they use violence and it is met with nonviolent determination, they will lose their legitimacy. And we will win. So let’s win. 

Thousands of people have descended on Wall Street in New York City, and they are going to stay there. For more info and ways to help, click here.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

What does #OCCUPYWALLSTREET have to do with climate change? Connect the dots:

We need to drastically reduce carbon and other heat-trapping gasses from entering the atmosphere, and we need to do it yesterday. The fastest way to do that is to pass a tax on carbon. To pass legislation like that, we need politicians who aren’t beholden to the interests of corporations, which requires the reversal of the recent Citizens’ United Supreme court ruling, which allows corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to candidates they like. We’ll never get that by asking for power. We’ll get it by rising up and taking power. And the beginning of that looks something like what is happening on Wall Street right now.

But we musn’t just take power like Revolutions in the past. We must transform it. We have a chance to create a better world–right now–and if we fail to seize this opportunity, we will fail to evolve. And it could not be more obvious that the human species, as it ushers in it’s own great extinction, as it teeters on the precipice of killing our planet, must choose to evolve. Now.

The power in this country still belongs to you. To me. To We The People. The problem is, we are letting others use it, and the people we handed our power to don’t care about us.  Consider: your money paid for 50 million dollar bonuses to the CEO’s of banks that are evicting you or someone you know from their home. Every other dollar of our social contribution is spent on war waged to keep the global economy, (which, like cancer, can only grow and spread) supplied with oil. Of course we don’t have to put up with that. But we have been. Now, with our lives on the line, and our children dying from industrial deregulation and institutionalized poverty, the question becomes: Can we put up with that.?

Look at the Uprising Calendar for more occupations and actions coming up in the near future. Like plans to occupy DC beginning October 6th and The People’s Congress next spring.