Climate Solutions, not Climate Denial: Beautiful Trouble for Congressman Chris Stewart

Several of our friends recently made some Beautiful Trouble for Utah Congressman Chris Stewart, newly appointed chairman of the House Science Committee’s Subcommittee on Environment! 

Beautiful Trouble in North Salt Lake, UT: Creative Disruption at Rep. Chris Stewart Town Hall from Steve Liptay on Vimeo.


Christ Stewart

Believe it or Not–Climate Change is NOT going away!

Stewart recently said, “I’m not as convinced as a lot of people that man-made climate change is the threat they think it is.” When pressed by a reporter, he added “before we make any long-lasting policy decisions that could negatively affect our economy, we need to be certain that the science behind our decisions is sound.”

He went on to say:

“What is the real threat? What are the economic impacts of those threats? And what are the economic impacts of those remedies?” he asked, explaining his approach. “Some of the remedies are more expensive to our economy than the threat may turn out to be.”

As the world heats up, Australia burns, Greenland melts, superstorms rage; as tar sands spill and  spill and spill across our continent, this attitude becomes simply and grossly unacceptable. You cannot ignoring the issue because of some ill-conceived idea that saving the planet from widespread calamity is economically irresponsible.

Christ Stewart

97% of Scientists say Climate Change is Human Caused–We Trust Them!

The disasters are real, the science is sound, and several of our friends attended his Davis County Town Hall meeting on April 2nd to tell him so.

Stewart should be working to determine the best ways to SLOW climate change, not casting DOUBT on the well-established conclusions of climate science.

Sign the petition to demand Congressman Stewart do his job and start working towards climate solutions, not denying climate science.


Call Rep. Stewart today, and tell him what YOU think about his stance on climate change: Washington DC 202-225-9730; Salt Lake City 801-364-5550; St. George 435-627-1500.