Group Agreements

As a community of passionate, compassionate activists, we have agreed to fifteen group agreements. By living by these group agreements, we can be a stronger, more effective community.

Our group agreements are:

1. We will foster empowerment within our community

2. We will start and end our meetings on time

3.  We will respect one another and our differences

4. We will guide all agreements by our mission and core principles

5. We will leave no trace (even in our office space!)

6. We will respect community and personal property

7. We will control rumors (if you can’t say it to their face, don’t say it in this space)

8. When representing Peaceful Uprising, we will act accordingly (in a professional manner)

9. We will honor each person’s unique gifts

10. We will promote inclusiveness

11. We will include every voice

12. We will keep each other accountable in a positive, compassionate manner

13. We will initiate and value difficult conversations

14. We will bring core principles into practice in our daily lives

15. We will not use drugs or alcohol at meetings