Call to Action: Let’s Find Out Who Put Tim DeChristopher in Isolated Confinement

On the evening of March 28th, less than 24 hours after we put out a call to action and hundreds of supporters made countless phone calls to FCI Herlong, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Central Office and Congress, Tim was moved back to minimum security. In a tremendous outpouring of support, we proved that massively galvanized people power does make a difference.

However, vital questions still remain: Why was Congress involved in moving Tim into isolated confinement? Who ordered the investigation? How is a Congressperson privy to a personal email that Tim sent to one of his friends? Martin Luther King said, “An injustice to one is an injustice to all”, and this abuse of power must be exposed in its entirety if we are to safeguard our own personal liberties.

And clearly, we’re not the only ones asking the questions. The RT TV Network  just put out a call to action, via one of their programs called…

[youtube width=”600″ height=”440″][/youtube]

The Alyona Show. They’re specifically asking YOU to shed light on “a story that involves congressional overreach,” by getting in touch with your Congressperson and asking on the record whether or not they were the ones to contact the Bureau of Prisons about Tim.

Peaceful Uprising would like to express our most sincere gratitude to The Alyona Show for working with us in exposing this injustice and demanding transparency in this matter.

Watch their video and follow the instructions below:

1.Get in touch with your Congressperson by calling his/her office. Identify yourself as a constituent (and please, actually be one!) then inform the staffer that you are calling in response to a television program. Say that you are inquiring whether or not the Congressman contacted the Bureau of Prisons about taking punitive action, including recommending isolation, in response to a letter he sent on March 5th.
2. You may not receive a response right away. Congressional staffers are quite busy. Be persistent. Explain to who you speak to that if you don’t receive a definitive “no” response, the lack of an answer could be construed as a passive admission. Most importantly, stress that you don’t want to hold the Congressman unfairly responsible for this. Eventually, you’ll speak to a staffer.
3. Once you finally speak to a staffer who works on the subcommittee issues, inquire who it is you’re talking to. Note who you are speaking to and the time of the conversation. Then ask them directly on the record: did your boss contact BOP about DeChristopher’s letter? Did he/she request that punitive measures be taken against Tim DeChristopher, including isolation?
5. If you don’t receive a definitive answer, ask the staffer to verify for you.
6. If the staffer actually says yes…don’t judge. Politely ask for an explanation.