January 18: “Film-In” at Tesoro Refinery – We Are Not Afraid!

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Join us on January 18th for a “Film-In” at the Tesoro Refinery in Salt Lake City, and show the corporate polluters that WE ARE NOT AFRAID!

On Dec. 18, 2013, movement journalist Jesse Fruhwirth was illegally detained by off-duty Salt Lake City police officer “Kilo 85” who was being paid by Tesoro oil refinery. Fruhwirth was filming a major pollution event at the refinery–a huge flaring that released large amounts of pollutants and toxins into the Wasatch Front’s already diry airshed (and on one of Salt Lake’s infamous Red Air Quality Days).

View the video of the flare & Fruhwirth’s interaction with Kilo 85:

Intimidation techniques such as these used by the SLCPD are meant to keep the public from observing and questioning the atrocities regularly committed by corporate interests.


Bring your cameras, video recorders and smart phones, and join us as we hold a “Film-In” on public land outside the Tesoro Refinery, and legally document the continuous releasing of toxic fumes during Utah’s winter Inversion season (including the toxic output from tar sands being shipped by rail from Canada).

The State of Utah, and the Department of Air Quality, refuse to hold the refineries accountable, and public resources such as the Salt Lake police force are being used to protect the polluters, and harming the public. It’s time to take a stand and say “No More!”

Join the Facebook event, and on Saturday, January 25th at noon, join the Utah Clean Air Coalition for the “Clean Air, No Excuses” Rally on the steps of the Utah Capitol.