Revolution Songs

“We will be a movement; when we SING like a movement.”

– Tim DeChristopher

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Gathering together to sing revolution songs has long been apart of social movement history and will be a key part of the actions outside of the trial on February 28th.

Midnight Vigil Lyrics Sheet.pdf – NEW!!

Here are a few songs to practice with your friends, clubs, congregation, and community for singing in the streets.

Have You Been to Jail for Justice -mp3 (Anne Feeney) lyrics; w/chords

Stand -mp3 (Amy Carol Webb) lyrics; w/chords

This Little Light of Mine -mp3 (African American Spiritual) lyrics; w/chords

This Land is Your Land -mp3 (Woody Guthrie) lyrics; w/chords

Blowin In The Wind -mp3 (Bob Dylan) lyrics; w/chords

If I Had a Hammer -mp3 (Lee Hays & Pete Seeger) lyrics; w/chords

We Shall Not Be Moved -mp3 (The Seekers) lyrics; w/chords

Big Yellow Taxi -mp3 (Joni Mitchell) lyrics; w/chords

Singing For Our Lives -mp3 (Holly Near) sheet music; chords

Go Make A Difference -mp3; lyrics w/ chords

Circle Round for Freedom -sheet music (Linda Hirschhorn) chords

No More Dirty Coal (Sassafrass) lyrics

I’m On My Way -sheet music (Traditional African American Folk)