Climate Trial Resources and Downloads

Here you can find a variety of resources to prepare for solidarity actions around the Climate Trial. If you haven’t already registered your event with us, make sure you do so we can include in on our Climate Trial Solidarity Action Map.


We Are All Bidder 70 Sign

Justice Restoration In Progress

Tim DeChristopher Solidarity

Guides for Visuals (Banners, Signs, Puppets, etc):

Creative Direct Action Visuals Guide Instructions on Making a Sign for Demonstrations

Guides for Direct Action:

RAN: Get Some Action smartMeme: Story Based Strategies for Direct Action Design

November 5th “Street Theater” Climate Trial:

Flyer for The Climate Trial on Nov 5

ALSO: See Joshua Russell’s Resources for Organizers for a more comprehensive list of guides for organizing an event. You will find great information on recruiting people to your event, creating signs and banners, fundraising, planning nonviolent direct action, pitching a message to the media, and much more.