An Open Letter of Support and Solidarity with Campaign for an American DREAM

Dear up-risers and friends alike,

We here at Peaceful Uprising are asking all of you for immediate donations of support for Campaign for an American DREAM .

A band of brave activists are currently checking-in somewhere near Parkersburg, West Virginia.  They are 14 days from completing their long-fought journey that will bring them to the steps of our nation capital, Washington D.C.  These walkers started this journey on the back of the Golden Gate Bridge last March and have spent many months calling a temperamental RV their home. They have crossed the continental United States, raising awareness about immigrant rights and the necessity for our Congress pass the DREAM act.  This Act would guarantee children of undocumented immigrants a clear path to citizenship.  This band of nomads now includes a brother and sister, both leading members of the Salt Lake Dream Team, Utah’s branch of grassroots gusto advocating for immigrant rights.

Read on to support: CAD Donate page

Having worked arm in arm with the Salt Lake Dream Team this past spring it was easy for our community of climate activists to trace the many connections between our struggle for climate justice and the dreamer’s struggle for basic human rights. We hold human rights as the foundation for our work in the climate movement; a fundamental part of respecting nature and our planet is respecting the dignities that make us a species worth saving.  As we confront the realities of an ever changing world with the constant threat of changing weather patterns, radical shifts in climate and resource scarcity, we must stand up for those who are bravely facing these truths head on, begging us to keep our humanity in-tact and provide basic securities to all people while we face what is to come together.

The Campaign for an American DREAM’s mission statement reads “those who are oppressed should be united” and Peaceful Uprising stands in solidarity with this sentiment.  If we are to truly challenge these systems of oppression that we see all around us, we must confront them together.

These steadfast walkers need and deserve our support in the coming weeks as their journey comes to a close.  They are tired, they are hungry and they are in need of a last push for funding to make it across their finish line in Washington D.C. Please make a generous donation to these dreamers to show your personal solidarity with their journey; every dollar will go directly towards their food, and travel costs.  Let’s help them tell members of congress, President Obama and his cabinet that we, as citizens and non-citizens alike, will stand up for those at the margins of our society and we will not stop until we have achieved true equality.


With solidarity,

The members of Peaceful Uprising,
and anyone who considers themselves an advocate for human rights