Campaign Field School Continues on the Plateau – Come Join Us!


Last week, a mass action to stop tar sands mining in Utah successfully halted construction for one week and counting. But the summer is far from over, and we have lots more work to do. The permanent vigil is still

there, and as part of the ongoing, on-site resistance work, Peaceful Uprising and allies are continuing our Campaign Field School on the plateau.

Campaign Field School is an ongoing program where people can learn about many aspects of a campaign, from narrative strategy to scouting. Participants come to join in our work and learn by doing — and often they
bring skills to share as well. We’ll be offering more formal group trainings in the near future, but because we have folks joining us for varying lengths of time, many of the trainings that take place happen much more informally. Someone may come in and receive hands-on training in film-making and topography, while sharing knot tying and plant identification skills, for instance. Our community has a wide range of skills we can offer and skills we’d love to have. And this framework allows for ongoing mentorship and support, which fosters deep immersion and understanding of a skill. Again, too, it often works both ways, bringing a deep understanding of new skills into our community while also sharing skills with folks who join us.

We have trainers specializing in:

  • Camp logistics
  • Scouting & recon
  • Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) tactics
  • Art as activism
  • Film-making
  • Legal observing
  • Know Your Rights
  • Storytelling/narrative crafting
  • Consensus process
  • Social media
  • Tar Sands facts
  • Building whole movements — an area that permeates all other areas of work.

If you’d like to set up a group training weekend, please get in touch–email ! Likewise, if you want to come visit and maybe stay for a while — or have a skill to share — contact . Bring a good attitude, willingness to work, and a commitment to anti-oppression principles. We look forward to seeing you on the plateau!