Launch of PeaceUp Climate Justice Bold School

[heading style=”2″]You’re invited to the launch of our Climate Justice Bold School: A Year of Advancing Radical Agents of Change.[/heading]

On Saturday October 27th, we are hosting the first of a dozen trainings which will be offered to our community over the next year. This is an opportunity to cement stronger bonds and solidarity on the ground, while actively deepening our individual and collective theories of how to bring about lasting change. Our invitation is for you to come co-create knowledge with us, as we continue move from awareness into action and to empower ourselves to be effective agents of change. (RSVP HERE)

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During this first workshop, we will introduce and explore our own theories of change as a starting point for this year-long initiative, while contemplating Abolitionist Resistance in the context of social movement history to draw lessons from. The fight for Climate Justice is not simply a plight for more rights, but rather a journey to shift an entire structure — hence our looking to the Abolition of Slavery for valuable lessons and insight. Click here for a preview.

[note color=”#aed8e8″]We often rely on lessons and tactics from the U.S. Civil Rights movement. We think this might be the best source for our lessons from the past.

Think again.

The movement for civil rights—certainly the mainstream movement—was based on the perceived need to have equal rights in an existing system. The right to vote, the right to fair housing. An end to segregation. Integration into the existing status quo at every level. And none of these things are bad things. Having equal rights is better than not having equal rights. But even the more radical wing of the civil rights movement questioned this strategy. S.N.C.C. members often asked, “Do we really want to die for the right to vote?”

The movement for climate justice is different. We are demanding “system change, not climate change.” We are not fighting for access to an existing status quo. We are demanding a fundamental restructuring of society in order to have the possibility of a livable future. So let’s look at social movement history that might be more analogous.[/note]


Some of the material we will be covering over the next year includes:

[list style=”idea”]

  • Social Movement History
  • Radical Inclusion & Anti-Oppression as Foundational to our Work
  • Post-Capitalism Economics & Local Resilience
  • Campaign & Direct Action Strategy
  • Basic Organizing Skills
  • Non-Violent Direct Action
  • Training Trainers & Facilitators


PeaceUp’s Climate Justice Bold School is an integral part of our Communities of Resilient Resistance (CoRR) model, which in turn is based on two principles: our willingness to experiment and our commitment to supporting people who take risks. We recognize that the movement needs bold innovation, and that only real grassroots efforts will break new ground. We also recognize that this movement is not about making whatever compromises are necessary to win a short-term victory in a small battle. Winning will take a radical paradigm shift, away from centralized global power and founded in an evolution of values and human consciousness.

Saturday October 27th, 10am-5pm.

PeaceUp Headquarters: 1361 S Main Street (Salt Lake City)

Fill out our RSVP FORM by clicking HERE.