Radio Interview with Tim from Prison

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RadioActive! LogoKRCL recently interviewed Tim via phone from Prison, and included the recording for the first half of their RadioActive! progressive talk show. In the second half, Henia Belalia discusses PeaceUp’s latest and the filmmakers George and Beth Gage discuss their work on the upcoming documentary called Bidder 70.

More copied below from KRCL:

RadioActive! Jan 18 Tim DeChristopher
Jesse Fruhwirth (2012-01-18)

 SALT LAKE CITY, UT (KRCL) – When monkey-wrencher Tim DeChristopher disrupted an illegal oil and gas auction in 2008, he unknowingly re-energized the environmental movement. Tim joins us by phone from federal prison where he shares his thoughts on his famous act of civil disobedience, Occupy Wall Street and the future of direct action protest. In the latter half of the show we’re joined by George and Beth Gage, the filmmakers of Bidder 70, as well as Henia Belalia from Peaceful Uprising. © Copyright 2012, krcl