The Core Principles of Peaceful Uprising

The Core Principles

1)    We refuse to be obedient to injustice

2)    Our human stories are extremely powerful, and genuine sacrifice has the ability to awaken and inspire others

3)    We are connected to something much greater than ourselves, which has an incredible power to change the world

4)    We are steadfast in our commitment to the truth

5)    Our allies and strategies align with and create the healthy and just world we want to see

6)    A powerful movement originates with personal transformation and a commitment to being an agent of change

7)    Creating a better world is not only necessary, but makes us authentically happy people

8)    We are committed to building a supportive community that empowers our members to realize their potential

9)    The best response to intimidation is joy and resolve

10)  We recognize a nonviolent movement as the most effective means of creating a just and healthy world

11)  We respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person*

12)  Protecting Peaceful Uprising as an institution will never take precedent over our commitment to the fight for a healthy and just world

*Corporations are not recognized as persons.