Tim Found Guilty–But in the Face of Intimidation, We Respond with Joy and Resolve

In the face of intimidation, people are responding with joy and resolve. The world has watched as this movement has been galvanized and inspired by commitment to the cause, and genuine sacrifice.

The people of the world are waking up to the reality of our situation, and the revolutions we are experiencing are best described as an appropriate response. All movements concerned with justice–labor, women’s rights, human rights, climate, social justice, and others–are deepening in their resolve.

This is an historical moment; the beginning of a new conversation.  This conversation, carrying the spirit of Tim DeChristopher’s actions forward, should crystallize our own personal commitments to challenging injustice. It’s time for us to turn those conversations into actions. We can all be Bidder 70.

Photo Credit: David NewKirk

Tim has succeeded in shining a light on the injustice we all face, the wholesale corruption of the oil industry that threatens our ability to participate in genuine democracy. All along, Tim has been willing to accept the consequences of his action.

We will push to expand and open the dialogues that have taken place here. We invite the jury members to now hear the whole story, including Tim’s motivations, and the stories that were silenced.

This is a victory for democracy because Tim, through peaceful direct action, has forced the government to expose its oil-stained hands, which protect industry’s stranglehold on a corrupt future, over one that can be sustained.

Tim has said, “We will be a movement when we sing like a movement.” This week, we sang like a movement. The solidarity that grew from Tim’s trial reflects a deepening resolve in the fight for justice, and the need to take personal responsibility for change.