Utah Governor “Dirty Herby” Named Polluter of the Year

Our friends at the Utah Tar Sands Resistance delivered a very special award to Governor Herbert at his energy summit yesterday—the Polluter of the Year award! Or rather, they tried to give it to him. He must have been late for his own energy summit, because he didn’t come up for this great honor. Our friends want him to know that he can still collect this award at any time, at least for the next week, when it will promptly default to Cameron Todd of U.S. Oil Sands.

You can see the award ceremony here:

Our friends say:

“Governor Herbert’s Energy Summit was the perfect occasion to announce the polluter of the year award! We are proud to say that this major award goes to Governor Gary Richard Herbert. Cameron Todd of U.S. Oil Sands came in a close second for his scheme to commence tar sands mining in the U.S. However, Dirty Herby’s track record of putting big industry before human health and the environment makes him the perfect candidate for this award.

Governor Herbert has said, “As governor, my priority is to make sure we have a business friendly environment.” And how true that is. Our air is so thick with profit you can choke on it! After all, what use are earth, air, and water if shareholders aren’t raking in the green?

In an audacious move, Dirty Herby is working to take back hundreds of thousands of acres that rightfully belong to us—the big oil barons. Dirty Herby is boldly going where no governor has gone before—he’s not afraid to turn Utah’s wilderness into a veritable tar sands Mordor, just like Alberta, Canada.

All the while, Dirty Herby has refused to take advantage of Utah’s vast renewable resources, like solar and wind, because that would hurt his biggest campaign contributors, like Chevron and ExxonMobil.

And thank you, Dirty Herby, for paving the way for lucrative energy by putting your best corporate cronies in the DEQ and SITLA. You are truly the mastermind behind Utah’s mission to fast-track tar sands and shale and double the size of our refineries—inversion be damned.

You have fought the EPA at every turn. You have never backed down in standing up for the rights of profiteers everywhere. You have truly earned this award for all of your efforts to lower draconian environmental safeguards for prosperous activities like fracking and nuclear waste importation.

For all of this and more, Dirty Herby, we salute you!”

UTSR Polluter of the Year Award Save Main Canyon