A conspiracy of transparency behind Occupy Wall Street

The #occupy movement cannot lie.

Here in Freedom Plaza, reporters are constantly asking, “Who is behind all this? What do you say to the rumor that [so and so said that and so] is funding all of this?” The answer never seems to be satisfactory to them. “Nobody…Everybody?” They can’t wrap their minds around it. Or maybe they know their Editors won’t. Either way, it’s a shame, because that’s the real story. That’s the real breaking news.

Who thought of it first? Who cares. The mythical “Who”, if there was one, would probably report that many people, in many different places, felt the same thing at the same time. They felt it was time to act. One suggestion about what to do was to, say, occupy Wall Street, Tahrir-style. So some people tried it out, and it sparked a fire.

Freedom Plaza in Manhattan

From my point of view, the reason this movement took off is that our environment–physical, political, and emotional–has become so toxic, so corrupted, and so traumatic that something simply had to give. The #occupy movement was born because Life has a way of finding out a way to keep living. Life mutates constantly, and sometimes the mutation is beneficial. A leaderless, experimental, and nonviolent uprising is now thriving because idealism, proudly proclaimed and free from manipulation, found open and fertile ground in our collective hearts.

It isn’t without it’s problems. Neither is nature itself. It’s hard. Instead of relying on money, bureaucracy, and hierarchy, this experiment requires that we instead develop our patience, compassion and thoughtfulness.

This time, we are choosing to evolve. We’re steering this moment of evolution.

[PS: I started a tumblelog–or whatever you call it–that I’m using to report from #ows: #occupyevolutioN]