Occupy Resist! Our Future Depends Upon this Movement

Public officials have mistakenly thought that shutting down encampments will discourage protestors. They are wrong. Our encampments are a physical manifestation of our desire and our determination to unite despite our differences. We must fight to keep our encampments but tearing them down will not tear us down.

Our encampments are a physical place for the beginning of the revolution that humanity and this Earth needs to survive.  So long as we continue to meet often, debate, protest, and work for consensus the occupation will go on. We will find new places to gather and we will not be intimidated.

Raiding and closing down Occupy camps only reenforces what protestors have said all along, that people aren’t in charge of their governments. Our governments across the world are doing the bidding of the few and their corruption is on full display as our tents are being scooped up by bulldozers.

It has become clear over the last few days that there is a concerted nationwide effort to close Occupy down. This is not the act of municipalities shutting down camps for public safety. The U.S. government has declared that Occupy must be shut down nationwide. Our future depends on this movement. Resist. The rhetoric of public safety is cover for what is really going on. The emperors are terrified of us. We are powerful.

Those who have enjoyed unchecked power for decades have good reason be afraid. The occupy movement is stopping the powerful from profiting from putting human health, justice, democracy and equality over a cliff. We are exposing their misdeeds and destroying the myth of trickle down wealth.

This movement is threatening the status quo because it circumvents all political philosophies and it is bigger than celebrity personalities. It is a call back to connection and a rejection of the idea that the will of an individual supersedes the needs of others. Occupy is a call for us to once again find and celebrate our humanity.

Now we will build. The Occupy Movement is the first step in establishing a new era of human society. We are entering into the age if post industrialism and rising above the technological revolution to reestablish human connection.  We will fight against corruption but beyond that we will build. We will build new communities, we will build new narratives, we will build the world we wish to see.

We will dismantle the civilizations built on Empire and domination of Earth and rebuild civilizations built on preservation, restoration, respect, collaboration and innovation.

We are the architects of a revolution that will not back down. We have dug in for the long haul There is so little promise left in our futures that we now have nothing to lose. We have shattered the illusions of power and discovered our own.

The truth that we actually hold power has entered mass consciousness and that is the true threat. Now the movement has been built in our hearts. The confused puppet- masters of world economies cannot comprehend the palaces we inhabit.

Love, trust, intellect, art, consensus, and community cannot be torn down by a bulldozer. Those emotions define humanity and we will fight with our souls to remind the world what it means to be human.

Occupy Salt Lake cleared by force