PeaceUp launches CoRR: Communities of Resilient Resistance

One year ago, on February 28th, 2011 hundreds gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah as a beloved community to support Tim DeChristopher as he went on trial. Today, Peaceful Uprising is proud to announce the launch of PeaceUp CoRR: Communities of Resilient Resistance — a model we have built from our own personal experiences as individuals and as a community. The unique energy and soul that Peaceful Uprising has brought to the climate justice movement is something that we want to share and encourage other communities to build upon.

Our ask of you – take the parts of PeaceUp CoRR that appeal to you, or take it in its entirety and build up your Community of Resilient Resistance, so that on February 28th, 2013 we can act together, across the country and rise up in joy and resolve to speak truth to power and create the world we wish to see.

Beloved Community

Building an inclusive Beloved Community fueled by love, respect, and integrity takes maintaining and nurturing authentic relationships — the very foundation of community and its most challenging element.
Authentic Relationships Being Together Anti-Racism ~
Frontline Communities/Native Peoples Community Empowerment ~

Personal Transformation 

Personal Transformation is the process in which we confront our fears as individuals and as communities that may hinder us on our journey in becoming powerful agents of change.


Telling a New Story

Peaceful Uprising brings a new energy, soul
and spirit to expanding consciousness around
climate change and non-violent direct action.


Locals cultivate the empty lot at 2100 S Highland Drive

Resilience is simultaneously robust and flexible. Resilience is exhilarating creativity. Resilience is a diversity of approaches and multiplicity of solutions.

Protesters blockade intersection outside SLC federal courthouse


Resistance pushes boundaries and actively
creates change through empowering,
non-violent direct action.