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[Your City] Organizers to Demonstrate Solidarity With Utah Climate Activist

City, State: Local organizers will participate in actions today to coincide with the sentencing hearing of Tim DeChristopher. DeChristopher, a climate justice activist in Utah, could face up to ten years in federal prison today after he was convicted of two felonies for stopping a controversial BLM auction leasing sensitive Utah public lands as oil and gas parcels in December of 2008.

The sentencing was originally scheduled for June 23rd, and corresponded with the 23rd anniversary of Dr. James Hansen’s first Congressional testimony on the threat to the global climate posed by escalating carbon emissions. Environmental advocates around the nation staged actions at over 40 different locations on the 23rd, to support DeChristopher and to commemorate Hansen’s testimony in an effort to increase awareness and encourage action around the issue of climate change.

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