Wanna See a Sleek UK Film Documenting Bold Direct Action?

So do we – of course.  The good news is, if you’ll be in Salt Lake City this coming Saturday, August 11, you can see the phenomenal documentary film “Just Do It: A Tale of Modern-Day Outlaws.”  And you can help Peaceful Uprising at the same time.  (You can find the infectiously appealing film trailer right here and the Facebook event here.)

In the words of the producers:

“Just Do It is the story of one eventful year inside the secret world of activists. Granted unprecedented access to film, director Emily James embedded herself inside a group of nonviolent UK activists as they brought media, political and public attention to a myriad of climate change causes; from coal-fired power stations and ever‑expanding airports to investment banks and government offices, despite the very real threat of arrest. The secret direct action captured in Just Do It has now gone mainstream with the thousands who have joined and created their own local 99% movements. It is everyday people—citizens of the world—who are fed up with critical situations that are stepping up to make real change happen through the coordination of non-violent direct actions and self-managed alternatives. Just Do It aims to give all who partake or flirt with the idea of civil disobedience an accessible tool to infect and inform others.”

Our good friends at Pickle Factory Productions have teamed up with us to couple the screening with local musicians and poets, snow cones, food and local brewskis. The event is free to attend, but if you’d like treats or to help us cover costs, bring some cash. The screening will be held at Utah Pickle Factory, 741 S. 400 W.  As its name implies, this is a former pickling facility re-worked as a cool new performance space.  The music will begin at 7 PM and the film will screen after dark.

You’ll also have an opportunity to help fund Peaceful Uprising’s ongoing efforts to defend a livable future.

So come on out this Saturday and bring your friends, your family, your cousins, your aunts & uncles and your neighbors, too.