July 26th National Solidarity: From Joy and Resolve to Love and Outrage

On June 23rd, the climate justice movement showed we will not be intimidated, deterred, or delayed by an unjust system that is bent on forfeiting our climate and our future.

Scores of solidarity actions around the United States occurred at federal courthouses, despite the fact that at the last moment, the Judge inexplicably moved the sentencing date to July 26th.

On July 26th, we will demonstrate our outrage at the persecution of our friend and ally, and our commitment to the fight for a livable future. We will demand that the real criminals—the carbon criminals destroying our natural world and attacking our climate—be prosecuted, not peaceful activists.

The government wants to make an example of Tim, in order to intimidate and deter other peaceful activists who are fighting for justice. It’s not going to work.

If you are not in SLC on July 26, here are ways to demonstrate solidarity from afar

Solidarity Actions

We are calling on activists to demonstrate solidarity and show our rejection of a corrupt justice system, by staging actions at federal district courts around the nation. Help us send our government a clear message of love and outrage: we will not be intimidated or deterred.

Register your event, and let us know what you’re up to. Feel free to use our press release template; contact us at bidder70@peacefuluprising.org for information or support.

Letter to the Editor Push

Our goal is to flood the national press leading up to July 26th. You can use our letter to the editor template and our LTE themes as tools to buttress your own personal perspective, when you express to your local media what the climate crisis and Tim’s prosecution mean to you. Reach out to publications, community radio, and any local networks and help us make this happen.

Standing in solidarity at the Supreme Court

Regardless of what happens to Tim DeChristopher on July 26th, help us show the nation, the government, the fossil fuel industry and the world that the climate justice movement will not stop fighting for the just, healthy world we all want and need to see.